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Roberts Foundation

The Roberts Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia based 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organizations that was founded by the eight children of Lee Roy and Zora Lee Roberts as a way of establishing a living memorial to the ideas, and beliefs of their parents. Their parents demonstrated a strong commitment to family and community and reared them to be strong, God fearing individuals. Education was a high priority to them; and they worked to ensure their children had opportunities not available to them. The establishment of the Foundation was the evidence of the lessons learned. Today, the Roberts Foundation provides services and opportunities to individuals that are economically, socially, and physically disadvantaged. The Foundation ensures that the day to day operations are sensitive to the needs of others, concerned and involved in making a better community for those served with opportunities to learn, live and grow to their fullest potential.  The pillar of the Foundation is based on the parents saying “if you can’t assist do not hinder”.
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